Deere and Co: The Stag that Never Quits

With the new and sexy tech IPOs occurring in recent months, we thought we would analyze a completely different type of company, Deere and Co. (more recognizable by the name John Deere). A market cap of $34 Billion makes the company a behemoth in size and on top of this, it has existed since its inception by Mr. Deere in 1837! However, is the yellow stag good enough to have a place in your portfolio? We believe Deere and Co. should (more…)

Altria: More Than What Meets the Eye


When making the decision to invest in any company there are two factors that an investor must analyze. The first, is the future level of profitability of the company and the second is the inherent risk the company will bring to your portfolio, or the probability that the company will still be profitable into the future.

If you can get over the fact that you are investing in one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, I believe that Altria is a company that offers exceptional future returns as well as (more…)

Market Timing: Where the Average Investor Goes Wrong

nasdaq wuotes

There are many reasons why the average retail investor underperforms the market. However, there is one cause in particular I will focus on, in an effort to avoid losses and increase returns of personal investments.

During my Investments class last semester, I read David Swensen’s book Pioneering Portfolio Management. David Swensen, who is the Chief Investment Officer at Yale University, has made a name for himself managing Yale’s endowment by adding over $20 billion in his twenty three years spent at Yale. Essentially a legend in the Endowment Investment Management industry, he is looked up to by many Chief Investment Officers at prestigious colleges (more…)

Mattel: The Gift that Keeps on Giving


When you were a kid, there was nothing like opening up a present on your birthday to find the toy you always wanted. Too bad we all can’t go back to those days, or can we? While it is impossible to return to those nostalgic times, it may make sense to add a toy company like Mattel® to your portfolio.


has endured the test of time, (that may be a bit of an exaggeration) but it has been around since its inception in 1945. Over the years, it has produced some of the worlds most popular children’s toys such as Barbie®, Fischer-Price®, Hot Wheels®, American Girl Doll®, and Disney® licensed products just to name a few. While we have all played with at least one of these toys in the past, we believe that future generations of kids and their parents will always demand these timeless products. It is our opinion that a stalwart like Mattel® will (more…)